To increase ease of access, Grissom Math Stars is replacing Rocket City Junior Math Mania, a new mail-in tournament for 4th through 8th grade that we hope will be more convenient and affordable for both parties. With a mail-in tournament, teams can fit Grissom Math Stars into their schedule and avoid the hassle of finding transportation.


The contest consists of two tests: one individual test, and one team test. Students will compete in the level represented by their grade level. Team tests are for entire levels to compete on cooperatively.


Tests can be given from November 13th, 2017 to December 1st, 2017 and scores must be entered in that window as well.

Homeschool policy

Homeschoolers may participate as long as both the test proctor & grader are not related to the student.

Contact us

Any and all questions should be directed to us at: